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Thread: Introducing NEXTORCH product lines

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    Default Introducing NEXTORCH product lines

    T &P series
    NEXTORCH T (Tactical & Police) Series is designed for law enforcement, hunting, security, self-defense and any other toughest application. High brightness and reliability are the most outstanding features. Products include Saint Torch 3, Saint Torch 1, TA40, TA43, TA4, P8A, WL10, T6A, etc.

    My torch series
    With NEXTORCH patented Smart Torch Technology (STT), you can personalize unlimited modes for any application, including brightness level, strobe frequency, SOS and many more. Made for tactical use, law enforcement and outdoor activities.

    S series
    S short for SMART. S Series is compact, sleek and fashionable, Attractive, durable and ideal for everyday use and personal security.
    Products include k3, K2, k00/k10/k20/, GL10, etc.

    H serie

    Headlamp Series. Lightweight for comfortable wear, detachable for Hands-free use, makes NEXTORCH H series ideal for the most demanding outdoor and industrial lighting needs.
    Products include TREK STAR, ECO STAR, LIGHT STAR, VIKER STAR, etc.

    B series

    Bike light series
    B10, the world's first rectangular spot optical lens bike light. It provides a unique rectangular spot, delivering a 160 degree wide beam and whole-road lighting for greater visibility to guarantee rider's comfort and safety. The anti-glare design allows distinguishing the areas to be lit and those to be left dark, illuminating the road without disturbing pedestrians.

    Tactical Pen
    Nextorch Tactical Pens provide a self-defense strike tip as well as a functional pen, making it convenient for travel and protection. All Nextorch Tactical Pen models are equipped with anti-gravity Fisher® Space Ink “universal fill” cartridges.
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