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    Hello guys, My partner and I are launching our new clothing store and our website is almost done. As of now we are promoting thru social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We heard about boosting your website's page rank so more customers can easily find our page. Do you guys know anything about it? We really need some help on internet marketing. Any recommendations would be really great. Thanks

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    Search engine optimization or SEO. In a competitive field it may not be easy to do depending on your level of expertise. Using meta tags with keywords helps. Backlinking from other sites. Cross linking your own pages to one another. Make sure you submit your site to the major search engines so they send their crawler bots and spiders to index and cache your website. You will have to have meta data instructions for the bots on your site as to where and where not to index. Make sure all relevant content that someone would search for is written on your site using industry keywords. Don't try and just unload a slew of words to try and improve your rank. They may penalize you. I'm no expert, there are many others here who will be able to help you more than I. There is a wealth of information on SEO out there.

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    It sounds so complicated! Maybe I should just listen to my partner and hire an SEO company to do it for us even for just the first months. Do you have any idea how much companies like this charge?
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