I've decided that I could use a small mule pocket flashlight to complement my focused beam light. I'm thinking of one of the two TNC lights above, and would appreciate any advice from users of them. I have a few questions:

1. They are very small - sound ideal for keychain or pocket carry, but are they too small? Are they difficult to hold, turn on, etc.? Do they get too hot in normal use? Does the battery run out after a very short time of use on a realistic setting for doing close-up work, reading for 5 - 10 minutes, fixing a flat tire, or whatever?

2. I like the Hi CRI light for comfortably seeing things, but is there that much difference with the other nano lux mules? In practice, do the higher lumens provide more benefit in a mule than the Hi Cri at this level of lumens?

3. Finally, I am I barking up the wrong tree? Is it more useful to get a larger mule, with bigger batteries, even if it is somewhat bigger, because the extra time, lumens, etc. will make it much more useful?

I know, its a lot of questions. I haven't been able to find much discussion of how people use these mules and the benefits/drawbacks of going this small. I thought I would ask.

Stellar Canuck