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Thread: Alternatives to zoomable Coast torches for photos?

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    Default Alternatives to zoomable Coast torches for photos?

    I currently use a Coast HP7 (250 lumens) in flood zoom position for portraits. That gives me a completely even 'disk' shape of light, like a stage spot light. I love it!

    But I need a brighter and tighter/smaller version, and before buying Coast again I was wondering if Led Lenser or any other brand is better? I've read as much as I can on this forum and it seems people don't like Coast. It would be nice to vary the size of the flood area without losing the evenness of the light too. Any recommendations?

    I'd love another torch with a hotter middle too, but with very gradual light fall off towards the edges, although I guess a diffuser on a regular torch would give me that.

    Anyway, I'd be really grateful for any help at all!


    Coast HP7 on my kitchen ceiling and a model:

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    Default Re: Alternatives to zoomable Coast torches for photos?

    Most of the Coast lights are of Led Lenser design.

    There are a number of companies, mostly in China making aspheric lights, but most of what I've seen arent very powerful or once zoomed in projects the shape of the LED square die.

    The thrower type flash lights have a tight beam pattern, (hot spot in middle, corona to the outside) but the spacing between steps is in the range of 5-6 stops of light. Never attempted putting a diffuser on one.

    Have you looked at Speedotron? The have a snoot for their flash heads as well as a light which incorporates a fresnel lens. I've used the snoot with gels and been able to balance the light to within 2/3 stop.

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