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Thread: Flashlight saved my skin

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    From this thread:

    Why I think my Surefire saved my life once. Possibly.

    I was at a friend's house one night for a barbeque. His house is inside a townhouse complex, which complex is situated inside a security estate.

    They have suffered a violent home invasion before, during which he suffered a broken jaw. Luckily for all his wife was unharmed. Crime is, however, still rife in the area. This incident caused him to obtain a handgun for self defence, so we shared similar interests.

    So while grilling the meat that night (around 21h00) I was slightly more alert than usual. It was during that time that I saw bowed heada bobbing past his boundary wall, like people running while crouching. I immediately alerted him, and we barricaded ourselves and our wives inside the house, and phoned the police.

    At this point, my buddy told me about a widow that lives at the edge of the complex, whom he knows to not be very security conscious. We decided to leave the wifes barricaded inside the house with a shotgun and a pistol, and we went to ensure the lady is okay and her house properly secured.

    I had my SF 6P Defender (Malkoff M61 dropin) on me.

    We left the house (bad move, I know), fully aware of the danger that may await.

    We were both on hyper alert. At one point, I stopped at a corner where we crouched. He loaded his pistol (why it wasn't one-up in the first place I cannot fathom). From this corner I swept the entire area with my light, getting every dark corner.

    Not seeing anything we quickly made it to the lady's house, who was thankfully still okay and her house already properly locked up.

    At that stage the police arrived, who patrolled the complex for the better part of the night.

    Now, the following day my buddy was able to access the CCTV footage of the complex. Three guys were seen entering, making their way to our vehicles firstly, and then further in. When we left the house, they were hiding behind parked vehicles.

    My torch beam could clearly be seen on the footage, and when I lit up the area where they were hiding, the made themselves small behind the cars, and upon my beam leaving the area, the beat a hasty retreat over the furtherest complex boundary wall.

    At least one of them was armed, we could not ascertain if any of the others were but probabilities are not in our favour.

    So yeah, from then on, I'm never without decent candlepower if I leave the house, whether it is dark outside or not.
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    Neat story. Glad it ended well for you and your family. It actually doesn't sound much different than the average neighborhood here in the US. lol

    I have my homes exterior perimeter fairly well covered in HD security cameras, and all blind spots and entrances are covered with covered Trail Cameras. One of them actually hidden in my neighbors bushes. He knows it and loves it. I have caught 2 dudes on camera so far. One was a known local petty criminal. They like to enter unlocked cars. Thats there game. All my cars have to sit in the driveway. I keep them locked and empty. The local police reported last year, amongst other things, 200 guns were taken from unlocked cars. One gun was used in the murder of local police officer. So I make sure my weapon is not in my vehicles over night.

    So far, I haven't gotten to use any lights and chase these losers off. But, the IR flash of one of the trail cameras scared off the last dude.

    I will see if I can post a pic of the last thug trespassing I had. It was on April fools day this year. When I sent the email out to neighbors they thought I was joking. Ha
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    Default Re: Flashlight saved my skin

    Glad all turned out ok. Great choice of flashlights to have. Malkoff/Surefire work very well together. Best to you and yours.

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    Default Re: Flashlight saved my skin

    Great read Skaaphaas!
    Now, you and lighting are endeared to each other deeply.
    You may have even made another flashaholic that night in your friend, he needs lighting☺🔦

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