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Thread: Zelco J Light

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    Default Zelco J Light

    I received one of these for Christmas http://www.everythinghome.com/zejkeyri.html . It is a great reading light because the LED's epoxy "capsule" is a translucent (milky) white and has no beam, just a wide diffused flood of white light. Too bad it uses 4 LR44 (AG13) button cells instead of single AA or AAA. It would last longer and be cheaper to load with the AA or AAA. If Arc made a light using this LED, it would be a great tent/camping light because of the diffused light. I did a side-by-side comparison to an ARC AAA standard, shining both at the ceiling, and the ARC probably puts out 10% more total light than the J Light, so there is some loss because of the milky LED, but still very good to read with or move around at night.

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    I got one of those things on New Year's Eve 2000. I don't know where it is at this very moment, but I did find it to be a good area or reading light (because of its diffused white LED), except for those asinine button cells.

    I thought my J-Light was hanging from the front of my flashlight shelves from a map pin, but it is not there. I honestly don't know where it is.
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    Oh, and mine has an orange case, so it should be easy to find, especially if I use a NUV flashlight like a Vector 7 or a UView to search for it (the orange case fluoresces very strongly under long UVA and shortwave visible like violet, blue, and green). [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/eek.gif[/img]

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