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Thread: Spark SF6 Cree XP-L 18650 Spot+Floody

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    Default Spark SF6 Cree XP-L 18650 Spot+Floody

    What do you guys think of this? Output/runtimes are nothing amazing, but I like the idea of having a spot/flood option by switching the bezel/reflector. I'm guessing it screws on, but I can't see threads from the photos online.

    I don't think I'm interested since I'd rather have a good thrower and a good balanced light, but for those that want the option with just one light it could be nice. The extra reflector is something to lose, though. I guess a flip-up cap or diffuser could achieve a similar result.

    Customs Cree XP-L LED, Spot+Flood Light
    Premium aluminum alloy machined with hard anodized finishing
    5 Modes operation with last mode memory:
    Super 880lumens-1hr, Max 420lumens-2.5hrs
    Med2 100lumens-12hrs, Med1 15lumens-120hrs, Low 0.6lumens-90days
    Powered by 2x CR123A or 1x 18650 battery
    Working range 3.7v - 7.8v
    Reverse polarity protection circuit
    Electrically conductive aluminum body provides EMI/RFI shielding
    Impact resistance SCHOTT ultra clear lens with 98% transparency
    IPX-8 waterproof
    Covertible Flood / Throw reflector kit
    Size 115mm x 31mm
    Weight 60g

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    Default Re: Spark SF6 Cree XP-L 18650 Spot+Floody


    Not a bad idea but why just 880 lumens? Aren't all Sparks made by Zebralight?
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    Default Re: Spark SF6 Cree XP-L 18650 Spot+Floody

    I have always wanted a Spark they look extremely well made. I wanted their TK35 side by side 2x18650 light (cannot remember the model name) but could never find a retailer that had one in stock. I like the looks of this SF6 build quality looks fantastic. Wont buy cause would probably lose the parts amongst my growing collection. Spark is owned by ZL? I had no idea. I know Marshall at GG EDC'd one of the little XML2 Sparks for years.

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