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Thread: New driver from RUSH for the 1x123 "E-Series" lights.

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    Wink2 Re: New driver from RUSH for the 1x123 "E-Series" lights.

    Hello all,

    Sorry to revive this old thread but I do have a question regarding the HiveLD-S Driver. I only just recently got my light, and after doing some programming I decided to do some run time tests. One thing that I noticed during my first test on default output 2 is that the light automatically steps down to low after roughly 6 hours, and then proceeds to run for another 3 hours on low. Is this related to the voltage foldback setting #4? I am running Li-ion batteries and changed the Voltage foldback to Li-ion optimal before running my test. I assume that this is what is causing the light to step down, but I'm kind of a noob, so not sure. Also, is there any way to prevent the light from stepping down, provided that the thermal threshold isn't exceeded, and just allow it to run down until the battery is drained?

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    Default Re: New driver from RUSH for the 1x123 "E-Series" lights.

    The voltage levels that the driver will step down the output at is set through the voltage foldback setting indeed. If you look at the voltage values in the manual, the setting Li-Ion optimal has the highest voltage level that is meant to give you a safe operation using Li-Ion batteries. It steps down the output rather early.
    You can't turn off the stepping down entirely, you can however use the setting with the lowest voltage level (2x NiMH) if you desire. This will be close to no foldback at all using Li-Ion.
    One final thought: Usually Li-Ion optimal should not step down that early. If it does, it could mean that your cell is not the freshest anymore and can't provide the necessary current long enough.

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