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Thread: Best flashlight for geocaching

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    Default Best flashlight for geocaching

    I bought a Nove MM15 "floodlight" for geocaching last year which I love. It can be subtle when required but incredibly bright when hunting for the elusive green microcache in a hedge as needed.

    However, the MM15 has a limited range and I'd now like recommendations for another flashlight for night caches which reflect light at a distance. These are usually firetacks in trees which are often several hundred feet away and need you to shine the torch around to find the next firetack and keep repeating until you get to the geocache.

    Ideally the flashlight could then adjust from long range to a broad beam to find the geocache - although this isn't essential. I've already got 18650 batteries, so ideally it would use those. A switchable light level from high to "battery saving" would be helpful.

    Can you please recommend your ideal flashlight for this?

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    Default Re: Best flashlight for geocaching

    I use an Acebeam K40m for a lot of caching. 3 batteries + moonlight mode = lots of runtime. Big punch when you're hunting firetacks.

    It's a bit unweildy when signing the log, though, so a nice AA light in the pocket or headlamp as backup is a must.

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    Default Re: Best flashlight for geocaching

    I like to do Foxhunting, but not the sly foxes with 4 legs you are thinking of. It is sorta like geocaching, but the target is larger, like the size of ammo can. But they can be very creative in its placement. Hardest one I found was 20 feet up in some trees. Took me 2 hours once on location that night to find the darn thing. Then you had to pull a piece of fishing line to get the log book down!

    I use a Vinh modified Nitecore HC90 headlamp. It runs on 18650's. I like the secondary red leds to work the radio will in the car. Keeps my eyes ready when I get out.
    Then I carry on my belt a Maxtoch M24 Sniper.
    It too runs on 18650s and I don't care if it gets banged up.
    Interested in Saltytri lights. Pm me!

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    Default Re: Best flashlight for geocaching

    Thanks those lights are both interesting options, I've started my usual research

    Str8stroke, your Foxhunting sounds fun. We used to have geocaching foxhunting in aid of charity which was a car equipped with a GPS which would reply to text messages with its location. This was before geocaching stopped moving caches but it was great fun whilst it lasted.

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    Default Re: Best flashlight for geocaching

    I don't geocache. But if I did, I'd bring my NiteCore SRT7 with diffuser. The white light goes from dim to bright. The light has three additional colors available: Red, Green, Blue - for the added contrast available for close up searching. And, it uses an 18650 battery; for long run times. But, that's just me.
    Enjoy the light show - LedTed

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    Default Re: Best flashlight for geocaching

    I use differnt lights for different caches. For urban caching the S1 Baton from Olight is great. For nightcaching in the woods I use an AT Wizard with an TN12 nw. For more power I have sometimes an TN32 or TN36 in my backpack.

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