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Thread: So... Once Upon a Time...

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    We talk alot about hobbies in this forum,, knives/radios'/photography/ you name it

    For me, flashlights I place in tools & gear category, so it gives me room for a true hobby, Off Road RC cars = advancements in brushless motors & particularly LiPo batteries have transformed the rc industry.
    Yes it's a bit dorky, but it allows me to make & modify stuff w/ no rules. All you need to do is monitor temperatures in how wild you want stuff to go.

    So last Sunday I went over to a friends house where he has a track, we run 6~8 times a year. From our conversation, I thought we were going to work on the track, so I didn't being any RC stuff.
    After getting there I see he went a bit nutso using a tractor driven pulverizer in his yard,,, kinda over did it.

    He came out and we walked around surveying on what we needed to do to remake his track ( btw it's rather good w/ huge berms/ jumps ect.)
    Giving my input we started getting an idea where it was going...

    Just then I hear "dude, check this out", (I thought he found some rc part that flew off) and he reaches down in the fresh 'pulverized' dirt & picks up an incredible arrowhead.
    Now I have one myself, but this was a very good one,,, the craftsmanship on it was truly amazing.
    Obviously it was very old and dirty, but the symmetry was very good, but the most interesting part was its edges had a medium fine serration that must have taken some high level of skill to make.
    ..still sharp on its edges.

    I told him about the type of rock that was needed and how long it takes that types of rock (including an outcrop) to form.
    Just a truly fantastic find!!!

    Indians have played a big part in the history of the region, going waaaay back, Wisconsin particularly has many cities of Indian names.
    Was this arrowhead from hunting?,, was it from a battle?,,, we will never know.

    It just was the damnedest chance he looked down at just the right spot, and something caught his eye.

    I told him he should give it to his newborn daughter later in her life....... really/truly neat!
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    Nice story O.

    I used to walk around looking until my eyes got blurry. One thing I discovered is if you looking during or just after a rain event they stand out like Christmas ornaments on a tree. When dry a slight dirt haze camoflauges them similar to surrounding dirt.

    I had the chance to learn from historians that the more craftsmanship they had, the older they likely were. It seems once the really early period was over, call it the cave man days there was a craftsmanship that took place for a while. Then like any society once they figured out how to do it faster and faster the fine details went away. Look at houses to see what I mean. Old houses were works of art. Newer match stick homes all look the same.

    It also seems that tribes had their own style. Christmas tree, wolf, owl style as they were known. Lay it down on a table point facing up and you'll see what I mean. The more notches carved into the piece is an indicator of age. Newer ones have less notches.

    Some were used as a drill bit in order to drill holes through leather. Some were used in a lacrosse style where a strip of leather was gathered like a lasso with the "point" as the arrowhead was called was spun around in a twirling notion like a lasso, then one half of the leather released to send the point towards the animal at a high rate of speed. That was way more effective than the hollywood famous bow and arrow. Some were fashioned onto darts as a bird killer, some on sprears for plunging into water to harpoon a fish.

    In my area they were mostly farmers. Meat was a rare treat.

    I used to walk around quiet areas day dreaming of a tribe elder showing a young stud how to smack two rocks together in order to fashion a tool for hunting. Then the day came when the youngster was off somewhere smaking rocks together in a whittling fashion and making his own tool, then returning to the camp and showing his bloody tool to the elder.

    It's fitting that during this pandemic the population of the US is all stressed about a virus. Way back when viruses killed way more indigenous people than guns. Whole tribes wiped out by what they called "running face". Cholera, flu, the head cold. It was written by the few who wrote down stories, the ones taught to read and write that it was not unusual for a hunter to return to camp and find 30,000 dead people who died of running face in a short period.

    Keep searching Orbital. Who knows that you'll find.
    John 3:16

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    Our home in the desert is built on a sand dune, and it is very easy to find arrowheads here. It is very interesting. A lady we know found the pieces to a really big pot a few years back, and was only missing one or two pieces out of the dozens it took to restore it.

    We have not looked for any in a while but there are lots of artifacts right here on our property.


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