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Thread: JetBoil pots and frying pans

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    Default JetBoil pots and frying pans

    I have a jetboil zip 0.8L and I found the FluxRing technology ingenious!

    I'm more of a car camper, than a hiker. I've considered getting their 1.5L pot, and using it with my propane coleman stove. It seems that the fluxring heat transfer system should be more effecient, regardless of what I use for a heat source?

    Any thoughts?
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    Default Re: JetBoil pots and frying pans

    The "fluxring" should indeed help to capture the heat more efficiently, given that the flame profile stays inside the ring. If it's outside of the ring, then the flame won't have a chance to go through the vanes of the ring, which is where the increased surface area and heat transfer occurs. Also, part of the jetboil system is to have insulation around the cup. If there's too much heat, or it's not distributed properly, then the insulation could melt and cause a fire hazard.
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    Default Re: JetBoil pots and frying pans

    I got this rig: But gave it to a good friend after he borrowed it and fell in love. I am soon to order a new one. Worked great for the $.

    Its from Fasttech, it's the Keith Ti pot set. They also have some neat mugs that look like they would work well too.

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