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Thread: Reflective Safety LED Belts

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    Default Reflective Safety LED Belts

    Greetings Once Again!

    Since the days are darker earlier and longer (in my neck of the woods that is), having sufficient light(s) on one's person is a necessary item/tool. I leave for work when it's dark and get home when it's dark. By the way, my mode of using PT (Public Transportation) is the usual routine. With this in mind, being able to see (in the dark) and be seen (by passing vehicles) with an illuminating instrument or having don a reflective vest/belt on one's person is necessary I feel.

    There's many flashlights to be had but in this instance it's the reflective be seen belt that I've had for a week now. Seems to work very well even in the rain. Here's some quick snap shots via SGN.IV (Samsung Galaxy Note 4), so please excuse the grainy photos.

    Anyone here use similar reflective devices to be seen when walking/jogging/running/bicycling?

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    Default Re: Reflective Safety LED Belts

    There is a gentleman who lives near me who wears one simar whe jogging, along with clip-on red lights on his shoes. Very easy to see from a LONG ways off around sunset...

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    Default Re: Reflective Safety LED Belts

    I'm thinking about getting something similar for the times I ride my bike on public roads. People seem to see me really easily as it is but it's never a bad idea to be more careful about that.

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    Default Re: Reflective Safety LED Belts

    I keep a class II highway safety vest in the trunk of my car.

    I wish that all outerwear had SOME reflective tape or piping integrated in their design.

    I wear a three season jacket that I had a neighbor sew a one inch ribbon of 3M reflective material around the bottom of my hood, (the portion that covers the zipper) so that when I have the hood up, it is plainly visible, from all sides.

    Also the sleeve cuffs are velcro adjustable. That velcro often got snagged onto the velcro zipper storm flap. So I had her to also sew some reflective tape onto a short piece of velcro, and I attached it to the sleeve where the exposed velcro is. Now I no longer have to deal with my sleeve sticking to the middle of the jacket, and I have some reflective 3M tape on my sleeves.
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    Default Re: Reflective Safety LED Belts

    I keep a class 3 highway vest in each vehicle but am wanting to get a Fenix HL05 to clip on the back of my HL35 as a rear ID light.
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