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Thread: help Nitecore!

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    Default help Nitecore!

    Almost a year ago I sent back to Longhorn Tactical a faulty Nitecore EC25. They told me it would be replaced or fixed. I also bought (and paid) a nice Nitecore Tube keychain so they could send it to me together.

    Well, I still did not received neither the fixed EC25 nor the Tube. I exchanged a lot of e-mail with Longhorn Tactical and even Nitecore but still no solution.
    I new to this forum but I'm hoping to get some kind of help through here. I'm very disappointed with this whole situation.


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    Angry Re: help Nitecore!

    I've got no solution yet! And more bad news: My TM26 is now loosing the reflective coating inside the beam reflector, near the led. The result is that two of the four lights has become yellow and weak.

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    Default Re: help Nitecore!

    Very sorry to hear about the poor quality issues with your EC25 and the lack of responsibility on both Nitecore and Longhorns part.

    Sadly this type of story is not uncommon with Nitecore.

    Recently bought my first Nitecore (TM16GT) and wasn't impressed by the overall attention to detail. Fortunately I was able to return it to the seller for a full refund.

    Best of luck and please keep us posted.

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    Default Re: help Nitecore!

    Big bummer there. I had never heard of Longhorn Tactical. Sounds like their CS is weak. That is a shame. This almost belongs in the Jeers sector of the forum.
    Interested in Saltytri lights. Pm me!

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    Default Re: help Nitecore!

    The issue has been resolved.

    It was an international warranty service, from US to Brazil.

    Longhorn Tactical repaired the lights, sent them back to Brazil. Unfortunately, after a long waiting, the package was lost on the way.

    Longhorn has shipped out a second package of new replacement lights. Hopefully this time it reaches the destination.

    And for the TM26 warranty service, the factory will directly ship the goods to Brazil.

    If someone has recommendation on how to improve our international warranty service, please let us know. Nitecore will gradually set up service centers in US but it remains a challenge to service those out of US when a package takes 4-8 weeks to deliver, if it delivers.
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    Default Re: help Nitecore!

    Manufacturers and dealers can't help what happens during the shipping process, especially when things go internationally. It sounds like Longhorn Tactical actually went out of their way to make this right and it is quite a loss for them.

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    Default Re: help Nitecore!

    Longhorn Tactical and NiteCoreStore are one and the same, from what I can tell. I had very good service with them regarding a question about acquiring a 12 volt charger adapter for a TM36. The six NiteCore lights I have and have had were just fine.

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