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Thread: Inquiry - move or delete as needed

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    Default Inquiry - move or delete as needed

    Okay, so I just want some clarification, probably from a moderator - feel free to PM me the answer and then delete this thread - or keep it for others to reference, if useful.

    So, I understand that to have a sales thread I would need to buy permission.
    Does this include just posting a thread to say 'hey, we exist' or a thread to say 'here is a coupon code'?

    Of course, this is my personal account so I'd want to create a dedicated account for the retailer I work for.

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    Default Re: Inquiry - move or delete as needed

    Your retailer account will likely need to buy advertising authorization. Check out the policies by clicking on the link on the left sidebar on the main forum index. If you have questions, contact member Greta, the site owner.

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