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Thread: Group Buy Policies and Definitions

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    Exclamation Group Buy Policies and Definitions

    A "Group Buy" (GB) is a sale conducted by a member who is selling a product to a group of buyers. The participants are leveraging their buying power/numbers to obtain said items.

    A GB should offer some advantage to the group such as a special price or an item that's not normally available to an individual or merely a handful of individuals (a certain number of participants are typically required to get the item or applicable price breaks). It is NOT another opportunity for dealers to offer their wares. Supporting dealer's may offer any discount they wish in the Dealer forum.

    Typically a GB is offered for a limited amount of time or to a limited number of individuals and then closed.

    The GB coordinator posts their offer with description of the item, cost, time frame, number or participants, and other applicable information.

    Participants typically post their interest in the thread and/or contact the seller via other methods.

    A list of participants is maintained in a single post by the GB coordinator or other designated individual. This keeps the "post clutter" limited & cleaned up throughout the thread.

    If you are a GB coordinator, you will be expected to conduct your GB within the parameters of these posted policies. You may NOT post a link in your GB or any other place referring forum members to a manufacturer or dealer website, or any other website in order to participate in the GB. As the GB coordinator, it is assumed all purchases will be made through you.
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