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    Arrow mule help

    Hello if I had a tnc 18650 copper light for such as a mule p60, who's the best custom builder for these in these hosts please?,
    - and a mule is one led right ?.
    could a copper mule p60 work ok in this host or would it be too heavy ?.

    What's your mule like?.

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    a mule is a led (or multiples) without any optic or reflector.

    There are several makers of P60 copper hosts. Vinh sometimes has them, VestureOfBlood, and others... a big copper drop in with a copper host such as the great ones from TnC make for good heat dispersing lights, so you can crank up the power on the drop in if you want...

    Single Mule

    Triple Mule

    triple with Optic

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    Default Re: mule help

    OveReady has 1 too but sold out.

    And if your whole light is already made of copper, i doubt the extra weight from the dropin will make any difference.

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