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    Hello all
    I own a Bounty Hunter Metal Detector and i was tired of using 9V battery.

    What i did i replaced my 2x9V with 4x18650 battery from an old laptop battery.

    Im charging thes with my Nitecore i4 pro, and put a batteryy bank witha molex connector.

    But i would like to use Li-ion squared battery from cell phones instead, becaus i think the fitting would be easier.

    My question is about charging them, can i hack my nitecore i4 to charge these .. bypassing the protection circuit or not? Then i could use 2 pin connector

    Well im looking at ideas for charging safely old cellphones battery. Im planing to use them on lighting too (where they use 3x AA battery)

    here is my mods i did on a metal detecting forum:

    thank you for any idea

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    Default Re: Modified metal detector

    Something like this

    might work for you more easily then trying to make your own contraption.

    Just google universal charger.

    Edit: BTW your link doesn't work unless you are a registered user.
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