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Thread: Engraved SST-50 EDC ?

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    Default Engraved SST-50 EDC ?

    anyone know anything about this one?

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    Default Re: Engraved SST-50 EDC ?

    What can you tell us about this one...any idea which run it might have been from?

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    It's not a first run, as its has the more common longer reflector and head. it's a 16340 model, SST-50, running on a 1.4A driver.
    I've not seen any pics of another, and have not found any references to engraving, other than the engraving Mac did on his Triple Triple MAG drop-ins.

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    It's interesting...I have to imagine Mac engraved it for some reason. It's a professional looking engraving and it begs the question...why would anyone engrave their light like that? That and the fact that he was known to do some engraving, which itself is a bit unusual. I wonder if it was a sample of some sort? The secret may rest with Mac ultimately, but my money says he did it. For what reason I do not know. Regardless...that is one fine light!!!

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