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Thread: Cheap 18650 light

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    Default Cheap 18650 light

    Any decent 18650 lights? I don't need a very good one, I have a C20C as my primary.

    Cheap one, just for reading when the power goes out or etc.

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    Default Re: Cheap 18650 light

    When you say 'cheap', what did you have in mind price-wise?
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    Default Re: Cheap 18650 light

    Convoy S3 XM-L2 U2

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    Default Re: Cheap 18650 light

    Convoy S2+ with 3*7135 driver should do the trick.
    Less than 20 bucks shipped from mainland China

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    Default Re: Cheap 18650 light

    I'll cast another vote for Convoy. The C8 that I have has been a good, reliable light. I paid less than $20 for it.

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    Default Re: Cheap 18650 light

    Another very nice 18650 light is the Lumens Factory Seraph 6. I would recommend ordering the 90+ CRI option for better color rendition, which should be especially nice when doing close work like reading. The triple-mode version has modes of 5%/30%/100%, with a max of around 350 lumens. It is very well built, comes with both twisty and click tail caps, and is very comfortable in the hand. Right now it is selling for $35 USD plus shipping. It does not come with a holster, but if you want one, Mountain Electronics sells a very nice one for around $5 USD shipped. The light from the 90+ CRI version is very nice, and is very close to the light from my Nichia 219B lights, but a little warmer.
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    Default Re: Cheap 18650 light

    How long does it take to receive those Convoy lights when they're shipped from China? I'd love to try one but don't really want to wait months for it to be delivered.

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    Default Re: Cheap 18650 light

    2-3 weeks depending............buy and forget, nice surprise one day. I only order from China when there is no rush, however sometimes it can be under 2 weeks........

    Ordering from Simon on aliexpress will ensure a genuine convoy!

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