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Thread: Malkoff MDX McClicky replacement - HOW TO ?

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    Default Malkoff MDX McClicky replacement - HOW TO ?

    Can anyone detail how to replace the McClicky on a Malkoff MD2 should the need arise? What works as a good tool for unscrewing the switch given those two holes are awfully small?

    Trying to make a long-term international backpacking MD2 kit, with necessary replacement parts and (airplane-friendly) tools. Some countries and airport security might find needle nose pliers unacceptable on aircraft. Can I rotate the switch with 2 paper clips?

    How do you get the boot and O-ring back in after installation? All I could find was what's on Malkoff's site:

    MDX: Pinch the boot btween your thumb and forefinger. Pull it straight out. Then remove the O-Ring with a toothpick. A small set of needle nosed pliers can then be fit into the two small holes in the back of the switch to screw it out counter clockwise.

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    Default Re: Malkoff MDX McClicky replacement - HOW TO ?

    My smallest and most pointed Craftsman needle-nosed pliers fit the holes well.

    If the paper clip has extra thick wire, you can cut it to about 1/2" length, bend it into a U shape, insert each end into a hole, and twist. I tried this as a test when a switch became loose, and it worked.

    To re-assemble, place the boot over the switch, then press the o-ring over the boot....easier done than said.

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    Default Re: Malkoff MDX McClicky replacement - HOW TO ?

    Here's this from another thread....
    Quote Originally Posted by bbrins View Post
    1. This is for the newer style Malkoff tailcap.

    2. Start by pinching the rubber switch boot with your fingers and pull it out.

    3. Using a toothpick or maybe the tip of a pen or something, remove the o-ring.

    4. Using a pair of needle nosed pliers with narrow tips, or some other similar tool that will fit into those two holes on the switch, unscrew the McClicky switch from the tailcap, righty tighty, lefty loosy. Sorry for the blurry picture.

    5. Screw in the new switch, using the same method as number 4.

    6. Push the rubber switch boot back in the tailcap, it might help to use the tip of a pen or something to get it all of the way in there.

    7. Push the o-ring back in to hold the switch boot, there is a lip milled inside the tailcap that it will slip under.

    8. Done. It should look like the picture at the top.
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    Default Re: Malkoff MDX McClicky replacement - HOW TO ?

    Absolutely amazing response from both of you. Thanks a bunch!!! I am much more confident now. Seemed like brain surgery before.

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