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    NEXTORCH, proud to be the designer and manufacturer of China's national standard issue police flashlight since 2006. Since then, NEXTORCH has equipped the police with over 1.2 million flashlights, currently serving police officers in public safety, security, combat crime and terrorism.

    NEXTORCH 2016 Flashlight Catalog includes tactical& police-T&P series, myTroch series, Headlamp-H series, Smart-S series and Bike light-B series.

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    your company is doing the right things here in 2016, your portfolio of products is nicely increasing, not by numbers but also by quality.
    You are starting to use latest version of leds, nice.
    keep it up!

    i liked your products GL10, K3 and K20 that i reviewed here:
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    realista, thanks and look forward to more coming reviews!

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