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    I'm trying to take video of light reflecting off dust. The spots that appear in photography of this phenomenon are considered by some as evidence of the paranormal.
    Here's an example:

    A photographer friend of mine says the formula to achieve this sort of image is as follows:
    a) Darkness
    b) Particles in the air
    c) Haze or mist
    d) A small aperture for the bokeh to show up
    e) Point source camera flash

    My question is how bright of a light do I need to obtain this effect for video? Can I use a regular light kit?


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    Ha! I've gotten that sometimes when I use a flash, so I imagine you'd need some very bright light for video. Remember inverse-square law too...needs to be close to the lens.

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    I got this interesting orb a few months ago, while I was out at night trying to take photos of bats in my area. I keep getting them especially in dark or black shots / scenes of the night sky. I have no idea how and if you could get the effect with taking movies, though?

    Your photo looks as though there are pollen grains in the air, due to the different colours, however I doubt it's that, more than likely caused by refraction or a prism effect where the light spectrum is broken into its primary colours etc? by some particles?

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    are you using an external flash? this usually happens whenever shooting in dark or black shots, as well as scenes of the night sky

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