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Thread: REVIEW: NexTool “Glacial Pegasus” KT5006B (EDC tool - KO FUN SERIES)

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    Default REVIEW: NexTool “Glacial Pegasus” KT5006B (EDC tool - KO FUN SERIES)

    First impressions:

    Shipped from: NexTool for review purpose

    But...which company is NexTool?
    This is the same company called NexTorch, a producer of flashlights and accessories, that's quickly increasling their distribution in over 100 countries and they continue to expand.
    It is one of the latest EDC tool of the KO FUN SERIES

    some basic information:
    Coating:Satin finish
    Functions:Bottle opener,Screwdrivers,Wrenches,Rope cutter

    Construction quality:
    It seems to be brilliantly built and the kind of steel used is a Chinese Stainless steel that is similar in quality to 420J2 (AUS 4) stainless steel.
    The following formula is a break down in the steel: Around 13% chromium and 3% carbon. It has a HRC of 52-55 making it relatively soft.

    - IMHO the best looking tool of the KO FUN SERIES
    - useful but still with nice and creative design

    - screwdriver maybe isn't in the best position

    Final thoughts and why you should buy it:
    There are lots of similar EDC tools in the market, but it's difficult to find some well designed item and for what i've seen until now most of them suffer from low quality steel used or FLUCTUATING BATCH QUALITY….. so every time you buy theb it's like to play a lottery!
    NexTool price is certainly a little higher compared to other not branded items/competitors, but this is what you have to pay to receive a great product from a reliable company, which is designing innovative products.

    Thanks for reading.....
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    Default Re: REVIEW: NexTool “Glacial Pegasus” KT5006B (EDC tool - KO FUN SERIES)

    Interesting tool. Thanks for the review!

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    Default Re: REVIEW: NexTool “Glacial Pegasus” KT5006B (EDC tool - KO FUN SERIES)

    i still use it sometimes

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