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Thread: Post those >100,000mi vehicles

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    Speedo says she'll do 160. I'll likely never know.
    Speed limit is 70 max and that's 10mph faster than I like going these days.

    252xxx on the odo
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    Default Re: Post those >100,000mi vehicles

    My 2001 Nissan Frontier turns 20 this year. 105k miles and only routine maintenance and normal wear so far. It's been reliable and trouble-free and I enjoy the simplicity of its non-computerized features (even has roll-up windows).

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    Could have probably waited another 5k or so, but I never liked its current Yokohama Avid Ascend Touring S tires, so my 2013 Corolla LE is about to get new shoes again.

    -Tires every 60k or so
    -Brake pads at 190k('cause I can drive and stuff)
    -Battery ~225k
    -Oil and filter changes every 10k
    -A few pair each of wiper blades and upgraded headlight bulbs
    -$0 in repairs or other maintenance

    First and only new car I've ever had, and it was "free"(at least before gas prices dropped).
    Bought it on New Year's Eve, 12/31/12, when gas was $4/gal here, and I was driving from AL to TN 3-4 times per month to go hiking. I was spending over $600/mo in gas for my old Tundra 4x4. Between a multicar discount on insurance and dropping the Tundra to liability only, a $350 car payment, and saving over $300mo in gas, I pretty much broke even from day 1.
    Almost 8.5yrs later, it's certainly paid for itself, and then some, even with lower gas prices in the meantime.

    Wonderful little car. Road noise has been my only complaint. Along with upgrading the battery, the "Big 3" grounds, and installing an aftermarket stereo system, I fully sound damped the doors, floor, side panels and trunk within a few months of buying the car. Dang thing is still loud as crap on the highway

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    To truely dampen sounds from road noise requires a lot of insulation be added throughout the automobile including the trunk and firewall. Ah, but then wind noise creeps in through the glass.

    My favorite cooky mechanic has a few tips.

    There's also laminates available for glass that not only dampens wind noise but helps prevent objects from penetrating through the glass without adding a bunch of weight.
    John 3:16

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    Quote Originally Posted by bykfixer View Post
    My favorite cooky mechanic has a few tips.
    I knew who it was going to be even before clicking the link

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