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Thread: Surefire E series tailcap retaining ring?

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    Default Surefire E series tailcap retaining ring?

    Hello! I was just wondering if there are any available retaining rings for e series tailcaps?
    I understand that the original twisty do not has that & McClicky switches are direct replacements without any extra parts.

    And also, any e series tailcaps should fit into any e series battery tubes right?
    Like how all Z41 tailcaps are interchangeable between the C/P/G series..

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Surefire E series tailcap retaining ring?

    The E-Series tails are more problematic than the C-Series.

    Image shamelessly taken from Oveready's website

    It doesn't show the older E tailcap, I don't know what model number it is. The Z58 is the clicky version, correct?

    Here's a tear-down I did recently. Don't know the model number of this one either, it's got the groove for a lanyard ring.

    Vesture Of Blood did some machining of the standard McClicky, he offered some recently and i've picked up a couple. Haven't yet tried them out, but will report back.

    *edit, I found an old post that has some more info. Still no model number for the series with the lanyard ring.

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    Default Re: Surefire E series tailcap retaining ring?

    If your asking for retaining rings, I have a bag of then somewhere taken from new e clickys. Drop me a line for some.
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