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Thread: Got my lights stolen, looking for upgrade recommendations, if plausible

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    Default Got my lights stolen, looking for upgrade recommendations, if plausible

    Howdy folks!

    I've used this site previously to help me buy the lights I use for mining and mine exploration in the Arizona desert. I was running the Olight H-35 for my main headlamp and the Klarus G-30 as my handheld backup. My backups to those were a random handheld light I picked up at Home Depot, and the backup headlamp was a Black Diamond Spot.

    The one issue I had with the Black Diamond and the Klarus is that I've found both turn on by getting thrown around in my backpack on the way to my gold claims. I had to move them around to different pouches, but needed the BD to be in a padded area so it wouldn't get flipped on randomly. Not what you want to have happen since they're my backups.

    Last Monday or Tuesday someone got into my truck and stole my backpack with my prospecting gear. All my lights were in there.

    Now that I've had a chance to work with some good lights, I want to make sure I'm not missing anything out there. The Olight H35 was great for what it does and their customer service was great. I had one battery pack blow out and then the charger went out that took another battery pack with it. I had replacement battery packs and chargers sent to me no questions asked. Fan-freaking-tastic!

    Once things cool off here in Arizona, I'll be doing extended work underground, 8 hours plus. Run time is very important for me. That's why I'm considering going with a different main headlamp other than the H35. Only having access to one battery pack is a limitation unless they start selling extra ones soon.

    In addition to working in my mine, I also explore old abandoned mines looking for one or more that may still have good ore in it that was passed up because it wasn't rich enough back in the 1880's-1940's. That means I rappel/abseil into vertical shafts since the horizontal tunnels any idiot with a phone flashlight app has been into 40 times a year.

    Long story long, I need a hybrid of lights.

    One, a narrow beam high lumen output would help immensely when I'm hanging on the lip of a mine and about to go down. All I know on a lot of them is that its X number of seconds until a rock thrown in quits bouncing and making noise. I'd really like to be able to shine a light down and get a good feel for what's below me. This can be a handheld light. I'm already set on getting the Klarus G-30 because I like it's wide beam so this one can be my spotlight.

    Second, is there something bigger and better than the Olight H35? I'm going to upgrade the little rinky dink Black Diamond Spot to something else as well.


    For what it is worth, my life depends on these lights. I have no qualms spending accordingly. The only limitation is weight.

    The second level of my main mine, shot with my Olight. Hope whomever stole it shines it in their eyes on turbo.

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    Default Re: Got my lights stolen, looking for upgrade recommendations, if plausible

    If your life depends on it, check ot a Malkoff. For the thrower a Hound Dog, for ribky dinky check out their range of MDC lights. They are built to survive.

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