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Thread: New Arrival! NEXTORCH PA5 360° Rotate Focus USB Rechargeable Flashlight

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    Default New Arrival! NEXTORCH PA5 360° Rotate Focus USB Rechargeable Flashlight

    There is always a time where a quick shift of focus is needed. Search operations and exploration require a focused light beam in order to get the greatest distance from the light, whereas trekking, camping and mountain climbing need a broader light beam, to brighten up a wider part of the terrain. For this, Nextorch came out the Fresnel lens technology and worked it out to the PA5 flashlight.

    Rotate Focus
    To adjust the flashlight to the right focus, NEXTORCH designers devoted themselves to research and development of lighting effects, got a brighter beam using Fresnel lens reflecting optics optical focus technology, and applied their creativity to design a flashlight that sets the PA5 apart from the other focus flashlights on the market, with a beam that’s fuller and rounder, with a smoother transition as the light beam is adjusted.

    PA5 is structured differently from traditional focusing flashlights. The 360° unrestricted rotating focus structure, easily focusable with one hand, lets you change the focus of the flashlight to adjust to the lighting needs of different environments -- more convenient and more reliable.

    Good color rendering and strong light penetration
    The PA5 uses a CREE XP-L medium white light LED. Compared with cold white light, the LED has a better color rendering, letting you better distinguish objects in detail and evaluate their distance. Also, the PA5 functions well in rainy and foggy environments. Its stronger penetration pierces the mist, giving added protection to make excursions safer.

    PA5 delivers a maximum brightness of 660 lumens, and five lighting modes including strobe, high, low, momentary on and hidden S.O.S., enough to meet the lighting requirements of different situations.

    USB Rechargeable
    The PA5 works with CR123A lithium battery which functions at low temperature (non-rechargeable) and also works with the large capacity 18650 lithium-ion battery (included). The flashlight comes with a patented Pull-up charge cap structure. Pull out the card ring to charge, and also to support the flashlight standing on end, convenient and practical.

    In addition, PA5 is made with NEXTORCH’s patented DUO SWITCH. A single switch can achieve easy momentary activtion and modes switching.

    Stable and Reliable
    The PA5 flashlight body uses aerospace grade aluminum alloy 6061-T6 made with CNC precision machining casting and made more durable with mil spec III type hard anodic oxidation surface treatment. It’s solid work you can feel the moment you pick up the flashlight.

    The flashlight body is easy to hold single handed, crafted with a square knurling texture, which is not only more comfortable in the hand, but also prevents slippage to ensure a good grip control at all times. The powerful cylinder body is part of the PA5’s excellent performance. It features IPX-4 waterproof grade, shock resistance tested to 1 meter drop, so it functions in a variety of adverse environments, delivering unbeatable stability.

    The PA5 360° rotating focus USB rechargeable flashlight, with floodlight and narrow beam focus full functionality, whether it is for outdoor excursions, law enforcement expeditions, regular patrols or maintenance inspections, can help you cool deal with a multitude of surprises.

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    Default Re: New Arrival! NEXTORCH PA5 360° Rotate Focus USB Rechargeable Flashlight


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    Default Re: New Arrival! NEXTORCH PA5 360° Rotate Focus USB Rechargeable Flashlight

    I do love the way yiu hide the charging port, and the use of a neutral white emitter. Need a reviewer?

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