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Thread: Clip alternative

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    Whoa! You are a brave man! Every light deserves a McGizmo! lol Great job and thanks for showing. Wanna detail how you pulled it off, or should I say, put it on? hehe
    Looks like you put some of those GIT loom bracelet bands in the grooves?
    Interested in Saltytri lights. Pm me!

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    I just removed the boot, oring and switch assemblies, and verified the wall thickness was ok and location I wanted the screws to be. They come in right in the o-ring groove, so from the top end of the light they are hidden. Made some marks, and a punch mark for starting, then used my drill press to drill the proper hole on the radius, then hand tapped the threads.

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    And yes, gitd loom bands from hobby lobby in the head. Gitd oring in the clip groove.

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    I should add, that I have the stock clip, and it works fine for casual carry, but I've caught many clips before working in my garage, and those incidents would have most likely pulled the stock clip off.

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