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Thread: NEXTORH Saint Torch 10, 3200 Lumens High Output Rechargeable Search Torch

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    Party NEXTORH Saint Torch 10, 3200 Lumens High Output Rechargeable Search Torch

    NEXTORH Saint Torch 10
    3200 Lumen High Output Rechargeable Search Torch

    Saint Torch 10 is NEXTORCH’s 2016 reissue of its re-chargeable wide coverage search light flashlight, best in the Saint Torch line, which displays our unending search for better and more innovative technology. We have chosen the CREE XHP 70 LED, the brightest LED to date, delivering up to 3200 lumens, and delivering a night as day lighting effect, so that you can take in everything at a glance.

    Designed with proprietary scale reflector, Saint Torch achieves an even bright spot transition, both for a broad light beam and for long range beam projection. The beam reaches to a distance of 470 meters, so hidden dangers in the distance ahead are exposed.

    The Saint Torch 10 has seven lighting modes, including Turbo, high, medium, low, strobe and S.O.S., so you can easily meet the lighting needs of different environments. NEXTORCH patented DUO SWITH alllows a single switch to delivers high beam and the different lighting modes, and lets you switch between them. You’ll be ready for the moment, with brightness at just a tap.

    For high output flashlight, run time has always been of concern to users. Built-in 10400 mAh high capacity rechargeable battery pack, the Saint torch 10 achieves a bright (3200 lumens) battery life of about three and a half hours, low light (65 lumens) up to 120 hours long life.

    Saint Torch 10 uses a 16.8V DC design which takes about 4 hours to recharge, about 4 times as fast as other ultra-bright flashlights. There’s an LED battery charge indicator that shows how much the battery is charged and how low the used battery charge has gotten, all you need to know at a glance. It’s a convenience you won’t forget.

    NEXTORCH is always thinking ahead for you, offering plenty of accessories to make the Saint Torch 10 even more useful. The DC charger 16.8V, lets you recharge anywhere worry free; high tenacity nylon strap and S-biner attachment, makes for convenient carrying and even for a long time at the waist, you can light up your walking, with hands free; there is a multi-functional storage box to package up all the parts, convenient for traveling.

    From Saint Torch 1, Saint Torch 3 to the Saint torch 10 now, we pursue not just the parameter of brighter and farther, but we know that as a leader outdoors you need flashlight that can protect the security of the entire team; Whether you are on outdoor investigation duty, search and rescue patrol, major maintenance or more, Saint Torch 10 will be your ideal choice for a variety of different situations.

    Saint Torch 10 features

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    Big power coming out of the Saint Torch 10. (reviewer: Alexey Zhuchkov)

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