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Thread: Clarification Regarding Bolt Mini 'Memory'

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    Default Clarification Regarding Bolt Mini 'Memory'

    Hi All,

    Sorry to have to bother people with this, but I'm having some trouble with my Bolt Mini, and was hoping for some help to clarify where I'm getting things wrong:

    As I understand it, the Bolt Mini has 'mode memory', and is supposed to take 5-6 seconds to 'memorize' any particular mode. Would this mean that in Config 2 (High-Low), if I turned it on in High, and then left it off for 6 seconds or more, it should come on again in High?

    The unit I have does not seem to do this, but rather has to be off for closer to 12 seconds before it will turn on in the same mode. Any sooner than this, and it will turn on in the next mode in the sequence.

    Have done one RMA, which resulted in a replacement unit that has the same issue, so I'm wondering if it's something I'm doing wrong. Have even sent a video to the W&R dept illustrating the issue, but haven't heard back from them after severay days.

    Thanks for any insight!

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    Default Re: Clarification Regarding Bolt Mini 'Memory'

    The only light I can shed on this is that the circuit in my Quark single cell lights is very voltage sensitive for reset time. My QPL on an RCR123 will take nearly 20 seconds to return to default moonlight level. On a CR123, it is more like 12 seconds, and on a AA body with an Eneloop, it will reset in the advertised two seconds. Your light is different in that it is waiting to memorize, mine is waiting to return to default first level. But you may want to experiment with fresh alkaline (1.6+ volts) vs NiMH (~1.2 volts), you may find a difference there. But since you are not using a light that handles a wide voltage range, like NiMH - LiIon (4+ volts), you should not have this problem.

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    Default Re: Clarification Regarding Bolt Mini 'Memory'

    Thanks for the insight into the voltages, etc. The battery I've been using was the brand new one that was in the box. Have been trying to get onto Foursevens CS to clarify the issue, but they've been unresponsive despite repeated emails the last few weeks. It's a bit disappointing, given how much this particular light cost. I was looking to get a new Preon 2, but as I understand it, it's basically got the same UI as the Bolt Mini. Might give it a miss if it acts like this as well and takes forever to memorize. That, plus CS issues I'm having.

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    Default Re: Clarification Regarding Bolt Mini 'Memory'

    Guys, sorry to ask this, but I'm getting a bit desperate. Can anyone else with a Bolt Mini comment on how long their light takes to memorize a mode? I found one post in the original Bolt Mini thread which describes a unit taking about 10 seconds, but the few reviews I found online describe 5-6 seconds, though I don't know if those were baswd on tests of the unit being reviewed, or just the product description.

    I've RMA-ed my light once already, and that took Foursevens 3 weeks to process after recieving. The return unit also took about 12secs to memorize a mode. My last communications with Foursevens CS was to send them a video illustrating my problem, and asking for sone clarification/instruction. That was over 2 *weeks* ago, and interim emails have gone unanswered. I haven't had any specific problems with their CS dept over the years, but I'm starting to get concerned. The light isn't cheap, so I'm hoping to be ablw to resolve anyone?

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    Default Re: Clarification Regarding Bolt Mini 'Memory'

    This is probably wildly too late but just got the light so. It was a hard thing to time as it didn't seem like a set time but the lowest was 7.6 seconds and the highest was maybe 11 to 12.
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    Default Re: Clarification Regarding Bolt Mini 'Memory'

    I have not played with mine in that manner. But I can say that I leave mine in moonlight mode. I use it. Turn it on from being left sitting there and it comes on in moonlight. Never thought about it advancing as it always has and just made sure it was on moonlight when I put it down, and always has turned on moonlight the next time I have gone to use it. I'll try a test and report back in a week or so, and add to your thread. I can test between Lithium Primaries and NiMh's, I don't use Alkalines in my lights.

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