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Thread: The official PKDL thread

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    Glad it's still working Sween. I still carry a black one too.

    A bit of an update on PK Design Lab. As said before, he stopped producing flashlights based on the consumer maket and turned his attention to a pure military type of market. Be it soldiers, or special ops folks in law enforcement he has been focused on re-inventing some of his previous lighting tools since patents are owned by his previous employer SureFire.

    To date he has successfully re-invented a "scout" style light with much better output for both bright white and infrared. His PRX was not a comercial success so he stepped away from a radical shaping back to a more "round" approach. It is called M51 WIR for white/infrared. He also re-invented a tape switch for the new M51 called the UTS7, which can fit PRX, the M51 or SureFire Scout with adapters. It solves an issue that plagued his switch from SureFire where a right angle at the mount points allows less snags. He invented an infrared beacon for rescue or ID purposes, the NATO approved MS 3000 beacon marker that also has visible light if chosen. And right now his pistal light has gone from the lab, to design, to testing of the M11 WIR so that one will probably be ready this year.

    A small Canadian outfit called OPR8 has those new items available except for the pistol light, which is in the testing phase.

    He said a while ago he may get back into the consumer market someday. But for now it is all about providing items for contracts with agencies who protect citizens in countries where military conflicts are becoming more sophisticated. So we are lucky to have a person like Paul Kim somewhere on planet earth designing lighting tools to help those who put their lives on the line in places we often times are not aware of.

    Thank you PK.
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    Since mid 2016 my absolute favorite AAA illumination platform. The reach for such a small light is exceptional, and the low mode runtime is exceptional. Kudos to the designer.

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    !mprovise, the silver one was the best seller. Black second and rainbow nearly as popular as black even though it was $10 more. The rainbow one was coated with titanium in a PVD method and electro shocked like they do for anodizing. Much like a tie dye T-shirt, no two were the same.
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    If only we could have convinced Mr. Kim to offer some of his lights with neutral or warm white emitters. That is one of the only things that has kept me from trying one.

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