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Thread: Which reflective tarp should I buy?

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    Ironic Which reflective tarp should I buy?

    I need a UV resistant tarp to hang in front of my window to block out the sun. My Last tarp finally fell apart. I want a tarp that's 5x7, is reflective, and thick enough to reflect the sun. I also want gromets.

    I'm looking for a suggestions for durable tarps that are not going to fall apart.

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    Default Re: Which reflective tarp should I buy?


    I've been a photographer for a number of yeas but I'm not sure I understand what your looking for. I've seen some nice military taps that are green on onside and milar (shiny and reflective) on the other. Only reason I mention that is the few gold and silver backed reflectors I use in the field. Although I'm not thinking you mean that. Point me in the right direction and I'll ask around.

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