Niwalker has added another fantastic light to their Nova series. Building off the success of the MM15, and MM18 (now the MM18II), the Niwalker Nova MM25MB carves out its own little niche within the lineup. The MM25MB sports 7600 lumens, really living up to the MB in the name, short for “monster bright.” The light uses three 18650 batteries to power the 3 Cree XHP70 LEDs, which leads up to the most surprising feature: the MM25MB is pretty compact in size measuring in at just 5.1 inches in length, with a body diameter of 2 inches, and a 2.5 inch (64mm) head diameter. That’s 7600 lumens from something that would probably fit easily behind your smart phone.

They are in stock now!

Niwalker Nova MM25MB