If big lumens and big throw are youíre thing then youíll definitely want to check out the Niwalker BK-FA01S and BK-FA02S. Thatís a lot of letters and numbers, and most of them are the same, so letís start with the BK-FA01S. The 01 (as weíll call it here) is the new king when it comes to throw. With a 1200 meter throw, it is our longest throwing light. Itís not a slough when it comes to lumens either, with a very respectable 1350 lumen maximum output. All of this is powered by the convenience of four 18650 batteries.

The BK-FA02S (02) flip-flops the specs from the 01. The lumens are bumped up to 4800, with a throw of 600 meters. The light uses a new CREE XHP70 LED and is powered by four 18650 batteries.

Niwalker BK-FA01S

Niwalker BK-FA02S