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Thread: Power cut off question for SPY007 Saphire

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    Default Power cut off question for SPY007 Saphire

    So I got my SPY007 Sapphire and love it! I been trying to read through the manual and threads on what I'm experiencing and I cannot find anything so thought I would ask here. I have the XML2 5000K running the red AW550ma on the light. Had it for 3 nights already and enjoyed it every night. After about 20 minutes into the walk if I scroll through the power it will turn off. The first time this happened I did a factory reset and have been running it at factory reset ever since with brand new batteries fully charged. My night walks have consisted of about 10 minutes on 2-4 position and maybe another 10 on 5 and 6 at its highest and still cuts off the power.

    So my question this a safety power cut off feature because I may be running the light too long on higher setttings so it cuts off to cool down or to protect the emitter or circuitry? After it cuts off the power I turn it to the off position for about 10 seconds and turn it back on, its starts up again no problem and I could use it for another 20 minutes without the issues.

    Maybe I missed this part in the manual but I could not find out anything else about this feature or possible issue. I am not sure what to think of it.
    I'm assuming it's a protective feature or user error as I know there is extensive testing on these before they leave but interested if this happens to anyone else.
    Any input would be happy to hear!

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    Wink2 Re: Power cut off question for SPY007 Saphire

    JP, Let me first say congratulations on buying one of the finest lights ever made. I own the previous model of 007 with the same XML-2 emitter as yours. Putting together info from the development threads and the new owners manual, it seems likely that you are activating the low battery cut off feature. Remember that the AW reds don't hold a lot of energy and and can be depleted very quickly at higher power levels. The cut off feature for rechargeable batteries is supposed to only work on configuration slots 3 and 4, with slots 1 and 2 set up for primary batteries. What configuration slot are you running the light in? The light is design to cut back from user programmable, higher than factory power settings, to 100 duty cycle after about 30 seconds max, to protect the light and the emitter from excessive heat and wear. This action however, should not be turning the light off completely. Normally if you can turn the light off and then on again (allowing the batteries to "rest" and regain some voltage), after a short wait you have triggered the low voltage cut off for rechargeable batteries. Hope this helps,
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    Default Re: Power cut off question for SPY007 Saphire

    Wow it did! Thanks so much, I will further look into this. Right now I have a basic factory settings. So I did Pu-3. Took the batteries out clicked 3 times and put the batteries and case back, back on. It seemed to run through its programming cycle and reset everything unless there is something else I have to do. I'll play with it more tonight and read up more. If nothing else I'll contact Dave. I want to only go up to level 3 max tonight and see if it still does it. I would think the light on level 3 or less to run 20 minutes is reasonable amount of time.

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    Default Re: Power cut off question for SPY007 Saphire

    So I did find a section about this in the manual. It is a power voltage monitor when using slots 3 or 4. When the battery reaches 3.25v it will shut the light off. I can be reset by turning the light to the off position and back on again which is exactly what I been doing. So looks like all is normal as this is a new feature on the Sapphire models. I'm not sure if it's more useful or more of a nuisance to keep it activated since when the battery runs low if settings 5&6 are the same brightness that is usually the indication when it's about time to recharge/replace the batteries. However I don't find myself using 5 or 6 levels too often before 1-4 factory settings are perfect for me so might keep it the way it is unless it starts bothering me.

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    Default Re: Power cut off question for SPY007 Saphire

    JP, if you only plan on using the light at factory power settings, which is I believe 1000 mah and below, you will get longer total run time if you run primary( non rechargeable) cells rather than the Red or black rechargeables. This is particular true at settings 1 through 4. For my use, I carry an extra pair of the red AW's in my holster, but I also have a stock of primaries at home.
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    Default Re: Power cut off question for SPY007 Saphire

    Thanks appreciate the advise! I'm still in the experimenting phase right now seeing what will work best I'll keep it in mind.

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    Default Re: Power cut off question for SPY007 Saphire

    Your welcome, off course if you use the light a lot each week, rechargeables are cheaper in the long run.

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    Default Re: Power cut off question for SPY007 Saphire

    Just a little update. So I'm running the rechargeable reds now and set it to run at 3300ma on high. Used it all weekend and no cut offs. Next step is is to enable the egg reminder timer and set the low under 5ma and it will be totally configured to exactly what I want!
    Takes some time to figure out the hidden doors but it's definitely a lot of fun!

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    Default Re: Power cut off question for SPY007 Saphire

    Good for you.

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