Is it POSSIBLE that the JETBeam III-M Pro, with the split pea soup puke green color beam, DOESN'T EVEN HAVE LEVEL MEMORY?

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

It comes on at the 1 lumen output, every time I turn it on. Since the 55 lumen level is the one I WANT TO use most, I have to cycle through ALL FIVE MODES to get to the 55 lumen output. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE. AT ALL.

The instructions, just like for EVERY JETBeam flashlight I've EVER seen, are pretty much useless. The instructions feature phrases like: "Tightening the head, the user can be access to tactical mode with turbo output".

Obviously, there is NOBODY at JETBeam headquarters in Longhua Town, Shenzhen, China, who doesn't speak English as a FOURTH language. Unbelievable. There is no mention of 'level memory'.

I only paid $45 for this POJ flashlight, including shipping. But as it sits now, it's less useful to me than a 10 lumen key chain light. By several orders of magnitude.

Let's say I'm sitting in my car, and I need to find something in my glove box. An important piece of paper. I stupidly grab my shiny new JETBeam III-M Pro. It turns on in the one lumen mode. Useless for this. I press the tailcap button again, and I am INSTANTLY BLINDED BY THE STROBE MODE.

That's rright folks. To get to the $%^&#@!*!! 55 lumen level, the flashlight goes DIRECTLY from the 1 lumen output level, to the STROBE MODE. At ELEVEN HUNDRED LUMENS. Do NOT pass 'go', do NOT collect $200.

THEN it goes to 980 lumens. More blindness ensues. Then you get 500 lumens. Your recently acquired seeing eye dog starts barking. Next in line is 180 lumens. The seeing eye dog goes crazy, and starts ripping out huge chunks of upholstery, a quarter of a cubic foot at a time.

FINALLY, the flashlight switches to the 55 lumen level. Of course, ONLY the seeing eye dog could POSSIBLY see it.

This flashlight has the absolute WORST system for adjusting output I've EVER seen. In ANY flashlight. EVER. This is 2016, NOT 1999.

It's like Donald Trump decided to design a flashlight. And I bought one. Because he DIDN'T put his NAME ON IT.