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Thread: EDC - Fenix RC05 or RC09

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    Default EDC - Fenix RC05 or RC09

    Other than the obvious Lumen difference, and $10 price difference, would love to hear from users which they prefer. At this point, I have never used a 14500 rechargeable batter or a RCR123A battery. As for high lumes, I do have a Olight S30RII which will turbo out at 1020/450 so output is not all that important, I do think 300 Lumens would be enough. More concerned about the size platform. Kinda like the idea that I can use AA's also, so I am leaning that way... but would love to hear what you all have to say.... Like the reversable clips in both also. Comments or other suggestions?

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    Default Re: EDC - Fenix RC05 or RC09

    I guess no one has anything much good to say about either one. LOL

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    Default Re: EDC - Fenix RC05 or RC09

    I don't own either, but the rc05 has been one I've looked at a few times.

    Fwiw, Personally I'm moving away from 123's. Everything has gone to aa (eneloops and 14500s) and 18650.
    Being able to grab any aa and use it is a bonus for me, especially when it's one that rides in the pocket (always on you)

    Hope that helps some..
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    Default Re: EDC - Fenix RC05 or RC09

    I would advice the 14500 option. You can use standard inexpensive AA batteries in it (NiMH, lithium or god forbid alkaline) instead of only expensive cr123a's as alternative cells. And 14500 generally have a higher capacity than rcr/16340's. You can get up to 840mAh in 14500 while for 16340 you'll strugle to find more than 750mAh, if that.
    Main downside of 14500 is the length of the light, but I would think the short stubby form of cr123 lights is a bit too short.

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    Default Re: EDC - Fenix RC05 or RC09

    I bought the RC05 for some of the reasons mentioned in the prior post. I prefer the AA battery option for shear simplicity but have only used the 14500 rechargeable cell it has come with which has been more than adequate for brightness and runtime.

    I actually like the length of the RC05 and prefer it over anything shorter as it gives me something to hold onto and feels more secure in my hand. The size, length and simple recharge option was why I chose the RC05.

    My one complaint is that the lock out feature flashes anytime it's engaged and the button is pushed or bumped. As an EDC in my pocket it gets bumped a lot and flashes twice at times I wish it would just stay off, which is what a lock out feature should do.

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