After playing with these things for over twenty years, I got my first zoomie today (if you don't count Maglites, which aren't really the same). Got a couple of the $3 Meckos from BangGood just to see what they were like. I mean, three bucks, I'll try any light for three bucks.

Wow. For a little bitty AA light, it puts out a lot of light. And the sharp edge to the beam is different as well. It's kinda neat how if you zoom all the way out you are basically projecting an image of the die in that little square. Question: If the die is round, does it just look like a hot spot?

Don't know about how well they will hold up, but they look kinda sexy. Will have to see how they do. Am sending one to my son, and will keep the other as a secondary EDC.

The verbiage says it uses one AA/14500, so I think I will slip one in and see what happens.