TLR/DNR: Looking for a alkaline powered 2 D cell flashlight with a side magnet

I am looking for an updated version of the classic "d" cell flashlight that is updated to at least use LED's. The LED's don't have to be so bright that I will burn the paint off the walls in the house.

Prefer 2 D cell batteries, side mount magnet that won't run dry after a few hrs of use.

The tail cap magnet style sucks for my use, they are too small, and some of the controls are overly complex for emergency use. I figure the area will be dark and it would be too easy to bump off the refrigerator.

I rather have a simple on / off, tho a focus ring adjustment like maglite would be acceptable.

I have tried the string attached small LED to a good hook magnet but looking for something more old school in looks. Right now I am using a smash led flashlight and while it works I am looking for something much better.

I rather not go the super glue - a few rare earth magnets to a 2 cell maglight . . . but that is the direction I am heading right now.

Oh - Primary use of the flashlight will be to hold crap attached to the refrig and to collect dust. On the rare case it is used, going to be used for short periods of time while hunting down a real flashlight or fetching the mail at night.

Budget - 50 dollars

In an ideal world batteries won’t leak, but sense that happens all the time it would be nice if the flashlight tail cap and head unit could be removed so I can ram a 1x1 chunk of wood to remove the old batteries.

Reality check based on a few google searches indicates that there is nothing in the D/C cell size. So dropping down to AA might be my only option – or – bump the max price up a bit that I am willing to pay.