I got this review example directly from manufacturer.

I already have another Lumintop product, YIP365 which seems to be a nice inspectionon light.
And here we have a pompous small 16340 keylight (yes, this one is so small that really can be used as a keylight).

I bet that most of you have already seen this pictures and know what to expect, but anyway here is a specs.

Torpedo is packed inside small and decent box, tipycal for jewellery or wathes. This is a kinda of gift-light, so this is an approrpiate decision. though i`d get rid of "luxury flashlight" writing.

Flashlight is tied to a "pillow" , there can be also seeen stainless steel carabiner linked to keychain.
Under the pillow there is keychain itself + pair of o-rings and warranty card.

Torpedo looks good. It`s design really reminds of torpedo.

Engravings on side and on coopper part are accurate. Flashlight feels like some solid and well-looking stuff. My knowledge of english language limits me with proper set of poetical epithetets, but i ask you to see this pics and believe me - Torpedo 007 looks good for eyes and feels good in hand.

For other kinds of light we can neglect for it`s outlooking. But as this one is supposed to be a collectable and gift thing, this is a major part of review. And here i have no complaints about. Just take a look. 007 is an extremely small for this type of flashlight, shorter but thicker than regulart AAA keylight.

the only misadvantage i can point at is that polished stainless steels gathers too much fingeprints, but that is a miiiinor misadvantage.

interesting fact from history

There is a small tritium insert in the tail. dont` expect too much from it. It`s light is just enough to make finding Torpedo easier on shelf or (which is also cool) attract attention.

Reflector is expectably shallow, OP with XP-L V5 inside.

Machinery is perfect.

IPX-8? Ok, cheers! Looks like that is true.

tail button is not a popular decision for keylight. Although, grip is firm and comfortable, switching modes will require changing grip from direct to reverse. but it`ll take some minutes to get used to it. At least it took me.

I couldn`t disassemble tail, but easily did this to head. Bow to the golden copper tube, folks. it shines,looks nice and dissipate heat.

is unusual and doubtful (yet has it`s own logic, at least i see one even being sober)

flashlight always starts in 15 lum mode.
To switch brightness you have to quickly press button. what is unusual, you ask? unusual is that each 2nd press will turn the light off. so
press\15lum-press\off-press\100lum-press\off-press\520lum-press\off-press\0.5lum etc in circle.

As far as i see, this strange ui has a simple aim to avoid overheating in case of occasional turning flashlight on in pocket. if you somehow press button, light starts in "cold" and battery saving 15 lum mode. if you press again - light simply will turn off. again? ok, on\off again. No burns, no discharged battery.

Nevertheless, for real use (to light path ahead, to figure out is that stain on porch a piece of dog crap or just mud, to find something on shelf in garage) - that will not be a trouble at all.

Ah, yeah. There is no strobe. Ok, i can live without it )

Here is what i measured for each modes (measured at tail button, not at LED)

In max mode 007 get quite warm but not hot (though copper ring really is), so you can use it with comfort. I cannot tell exact temperature coz my thermometer is an IR one, and flashlight`s body has outstanging albedo).

there is no PWM shimmering

Light is 6200К.
comparing to On the road M3 it is soo cold, but comparing to nitecore EC11 that is definetely ok. honestly, for On the road M3`s light tint direct sunlight\pyre is not cold)

Modes are comfortable for each case. I appreciate that Lumintop honestly stated turbo time and brightness after stepdown. BTW, 007 output is thermally regulated. So you cannot overheat LED, which is good for flaslight body is so small.
As all the 16340 flashlights that i own have the same 300 lum mode, i decided to make comparing picture.

007 light is convenient, diffused. 15 lum at start is enough for a lot of cases, and 100-520\320 is definetely enough brightness for any EDC flashlight.

I couldn`t make better photo here, because right when i stopped to took my camera from backpack, police car stopped right by me. they thought that i was going to hide drugs there ("to make a bookmark" as we say in russian). They didn`t really believe my explanation and stayed not far away all the time i was making photos.

What about stabilisation. I put 600 mah (really 600 mah) battery inside. With it 007 worker on constant 320 lum for the 63-65 minutes and then started stroboscoping agony. After half an hour i got tired of this and turned light off. I couldn`t turn it on immideately after this. And next morning i succeeded in this. I also measured battery voltage and see exactly 3v.

In the video there are some live footage in the middle + speeded up wokr from turbo


As this is collectable and\or gift flashlight, i`ll consider this in writing overall.

007 looks and feels for it`s price, it will be a good gift that will attract attention when taken out from pocket.
build quality is also on high level.

What about functionality. UI is doubtful, but still acceptable. Light? Light is good and convenient. and considering 007 size, that light is bright enough for "wow-effect"

What i dislike is that strobe after discharge.

And for it`s price i`d like to see high-CRI LED there. or at least version with it.

Here is official lumintop store at aliexpress. and they offer good prices there, really good. especially today, 11.11