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Thread: Haikelite MT03 Devourer Review

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    Default Haikelite MT03 Devourer Review

    Haikelite MT03 Devourer Review

    Hey folks today we take a closer look at the Haikelite MT03 devourer I am trying to say while spelling it and its still hard. If you follow any threads on BLF you would have seen the MT03 coming to life in the Haikelite thread? Lots of people put there time and effort and input into the thread about what they wanted from the MT03 and now the light is finally here. Haikelite sent this flashlight for review.Haikelite MT03 purchase link (link is external)
    Honestly I haven’t read every single post in this thread but I skimmed through the thread just to see what people wanted. I think Haikelite hit the nail on the head with the MT03 it has every thing people wanted with out going to over board. Lots of doubt was being thrown around. Could Haikelite really pull this project of? In the end they did and the light turned out very good. Some times when I read threads people want so many different things that its hard to implement them all. Every one has different ideas and ways of doing things.

    Output every one always wants more! Do you really need more output? Its the question need or want? This time around Haikelite done the hard work for us. They chose an output level that gave us useable run times and lots of output in a consumer flashlight. Now its not about the overall run times its more so about how long can the MT03 stay in turbo mode without stepping down? A whopping 2.5 minutes. That should be more then enough useable run time for most applications.
    Makes me wonder how big a flashlight would have to be to sustain 9000 lumens for hours straight? As I always say its a battle between overall output and run times. Do you really want 15000 lumens for 5 seconds? If your a fan of Olight probably. Just kidding! I have been having a few issue with the my S1R it step down after a few seconds because its been so hot at night lately. Come on 24 degrees at night!
    Now when Haikelite was choosing this output and amperage range they stopped at 11 amps At the LED because the higher amperage was giving them to much heat for not much extra gain in output. I guess that is the difference between a flashlight we buy ready made and one that we build for fun. I am making this sounds like a sandwich. Ikea sandwich any one? We can accept a flashlights flaws but how would a regular consumer feel?

    Their is two version of the MT03 a standard cool white version and a warm white High CRI version with 80 CRI. The cool white MT03 offers a max output of 8760 lumens properly tested in a calibrated light box. My copy of the MT03 I am reviewing is the cool white. I done a ceiling bounce test on the MT03 and it started out at about 10000 lumens give or take a little for errors in calibration. Now people may argue about the results so we will have wait for some one with a light box to check the max output. This makes sense that the starting numbers are so high then they of course drop of.
    This is where Haikelite get there numbers from the 8760 lumens is how the light runs after 2.5 minutes on turbo mode. It would be an averaged number. My test was done without any cooling and with questionable cells. The LG cells are fine but they have had a tough life so far. I thought the cells may be a bit warn out. Its just the liitokala lii 500 charger is not fully charging them. Its doing this to all my cells only charging them to 4.16 volts yes I know that is still considered fully charged but if I can get the cells up to around 4.22 volts I can see a slight increase in power on my lights. Every little bit helps! The higher CRI version of the MT03 will naturally have less lumens and that comes in at a tidy 7560 lumens with a nice neutral white tint of 5000k.

    To get this output level some fairly high drain cells are needed. I would prefer to use IMR or any high drain cells but you will need at minimum a 10 amp cells for proper current draw. This is to be on the safe side and to gain max output. The MT03 uses 4 high drain 18650s the MT03 is a tad tricky to get the right cells for. You will need raised cells but not button tops. The button tops will not fit the light properly. It will still power on but it will not be waterproofed because the battery compartment will be open. I suggest LG HG2 or any style of battery that will work in series. These type of cells will work in the MT03. Battery choice is your option but remember the more capacity a cell may have may not always be better. Some cells will lose a lot of capacity when pushed to hard under load. So there may be no difference in run times between 3500mah cells and 3000mah cells that handle the current better. Haikelite offer the MT03 as a package with cells that will work with the flashlight if you find that easier.

    The MT03 uses 3 Cree 6V N4 XHP-70s to get its massive output they are reasonably powered to make the MT03 usable. You could up the amperage if you wanted I have pics of the driver if that tickles your fancy. Each LED gets about 3.3amps to the LED its self not tail cap amperage.
    Haikelite will be releasing a more powerful flashlights later on they have a 18000 lumen model coming out.
    Lately We have seen an influx of these style flashlights so what makes this light different? Mainly the price it would have to be the cheapest mass lumen flashlight currently for sale. The Olight X7 retails for 199 USD flashlight only where the MT03 in the CW variant retails for 129 USD that is a massive difference. I know people have said you can get the X7 for the same price but I have not seen it. Even though the MT03 is cheaper Haikelite do not skimp out on any thing this is still a top performing and quality built flashlight.

    Technically the Haikelite MT03 has better performance then the olight X7 or at least equal and it is a step above the Niwalker 25MB that I just reviewed. The MT03 will start at 8760 lumens run at that output for 2.5 minutes and then drop down to 5000 lumens. Where as the Olight will Step down massively to 1800 lumens after 2.5 minutes. The Niwalker will produce 7600 lumens then step down to 2700 lumens at any time.
    The Haikelite MT03 has 5 standard modes.

    • Lower Lowest mode: 10 lumens @ 28 days

    • Low mode: 150 lumens @ 35 hours (10% battery)

    • Medium mode: 1000 lumens @ 550 minutes (10% battery)

    • High mode: 2700 lumens @ 330 minutes (10% battery)

    • Turbo mode: 8760 lumens @ 2.5 minutes thermally step down to 5500 Lumens 2 minutes thermally step downs to 2400 Lumens (300 minutes to 10% power)

    These are the standard modes. Turbo mode (8760 lumen) can only be run for 2.5 minutes max at a time before stepping down to 5000 lumens. Turbo then steps down to 2400 lumen after 2 more minutes and stays at this mode for 300 minutes until the battery reaches 10% capacity.

    Turbo can be run repeatably by changing the modes back up when it steps down but the MT03 will always thermal throttle output at a certain temperature. This is for the safety of the MT03 and your self. The MT03 uses a 2 parallel and 2 series configuration for the batteries. The MT03 has a max voltage of 8.4 volts because it has 2 batteries in parallel so your voltage is doubled and you also double your Mah rating of a single cells. So depending on what batteries you use this will vary. With my HG2 cells this give the MT03 6000mah so from this we can work out run time on turbo. In theory max run time should be around 45 minutes on turbo for me with my choice of batteries. But because of heat I will not get this run time in real life of course. If you could keep the MT03 cool you could obtain this figure. The MT03 uses a duel system it has both Timed Temperature step down and thermal regulation.
    The MT03 has one hidden mode it has no blinky or strobe modes. The hidden mode is Moonlight mode: 0.6 Lumens @ 58 days. I am not sure how useful this mode is considering the size of the MT03. So its a good idea to hide this mode. Plus the lowest mode is fairly low at 10 lumens I do not think you will EDCing the MT03?

    Now lets talk size the MT03 has some serious weight to it! The MT03 weights a whopping 600 grams without the batteries. It sure looks small and tiny in fact so small and tiny that you wouldn’t think it weights this much. With the batteries the MT03 weights a nice and Bicep curl ready 790 grams. The head alone on the MT03 weights a huge 404 grams just the head!
    The reason behind all this mass is cooling you need a hefty built flashlight like this to help keep the LEDs cool. That is why the MT03 is able to sustain such a high output for such a long time. Without stepping down to the level other flashlights do. Even when the MT03 steps down the output levels is still amazing. The overall length of the MT03 is 127mm (12.7cm) the head diameter is 72mm (7.2cm) and the body diamante is 50mm 5cm in width. The head is a lot larger then the body on the MT03 this helps a lot with keeping the light cool its better to have the weight where you need it. Plus there is no need to make the body as big as the head because the 4 cells sit nicely as is with this body shape. This design also gives the MT03 a unique look and helps keep the weight down overall. It looks different to all other Soda can style flashlights on the market now. Most other lights look like clones of each other.

    The MT03 comes with all the goodies you would expect from a high end flashlight. The MT03 has a super floody beam pattern while still having a significant amount of throw. The MT03 features a super beefy Aluminum orange peel Reflector that is screwed into the light. The reflector is heavy so it need to be tied down this happens from underneath in the driver compartment. The MT03 should be able to get light to about 300 meters this is in part because of the massive output and the reflector and lens system. The lens is ultra Clear Double sided AR coated Glass with 99% Light transmission rate. The reflector its self has single sections for each LED.

    So 3 separate parts in total this design is also different from most other triples. At the base of the reflector the gap is 12mm and at the top of the reflector the gap is 25mm. Each reflector gap does blend into each other a tad bit up the top. The reflector sits on top of the 40mm Triple XHP-70 Haikelite Copper direct thermal path emitter board. Under the LED’s there is a 5mm thick integrated emitter shelve to help with the cooling. The MT03 uses hard anodizing type 3 with a black surface finish the MT03 is dark In color. Its not a cheap shiny black finish. Its more of a matte black surface finish it looks the part. The body of the MT03 is made out of Aircraft grade Aluminum Alloy. The MT03 is IPX8 rated It has super thick and beefy double O-rings at the front and back of the battery tube and a single O-ring around the lens to help keep water out. The MT03 is very well finished all the threads are cut well and are thick but you do need this considering how much the light weights.The knurling is a unique design the MT03 really stand out in the crowd. Haikelites call to quality even goes as far to make all the springs double silver-plating copper-alloy springs how awesome is that! More power!!!
    My lux testing
    The MT03 comes with a stainless steel bezel and button retaining ring. The tail cap on the MT03 has a sliding PCB that spins around when you tighten of loosen the tail cap so you so the batteries always stay in place. The tail cap also different size prongs so you can not confuse the side. The MT03 has a tripod mount this will come in handy for a lot of people considering the weight of the light. It is a super flooder so you can mount the MT03 on your tripod and light up the park and play a game of soccer. Lots of little thing on this light shows you that Haikelite care about there products. Haikelite has even gone out of there way and can personal any of there flashlight for you. The MT03 is super mod friendly you can take this light apart in minutes. I do not think you will need to do much to the MT03 its a great flashlight stock the driver looks easily modifiable for extra power if that is what you want. The MT03 will handle extra power fine considering it takes well over 2 minutes on a warm night for the light to start to heat up.
    The head has double silver plated springs! Double trouble!
    The UI on the MT03 is a joy its so simple and easy to use the UI does all that you want the light to do. The MT03 uses an electronic side switch that is back lit with a blue LED. The blue LED in the MT03 switch acts as a battery indicator. At 100-50% battery power the blue is just on. AT 50-9% battery power the blue LED flash twice every 2 seconds. Below 9% battery power the flashlight will flash fast and step-down to moonlight. So you do not over drain your batteries. The blue LED will be off on Moonlight mode to extend the run time.
    To access moonlight mode from off push and hold the side switch for 2 seconds and moonlight will turn on. Simply push once quickly to turn the MT03 on and of. Push and hold the side switch to change modes the MT03 will cycle through modes when holding the button.
    When pushing and holding the side switch to cycle modes they cycles as follows.

    • Low low (very low) 10 lumens

    • Standard Low 150 lumens

    • Medium 1000 lumens

    • High 2700 lumens

    • Turbo 8760 lumens

    All these modes have last memory function you can also double click from any mode on or off to access instant turbo mode. The MT03 has a lockout mode but I am struggling to use it! You can just loosen the tail cap to lock out the MT03. I will try and figure out how to use the lockout.
    Overall I love the MT03 this is a true output monster it is in a league of its own. The build quality is better then what you would expect from a light in this price range. Haikelite went above and beyond whens choosing parts for the MT03 nothing was over looked. The output is better then what you would expect from a more expensive light. The MT03s performance is amazing how many flashlight can you get buy for 129 USD that can output 10000 lumens? Yes that is start up figures but it still counts. Think of this light as the bigger brother to our beloved flashlights the L6 and the S70 we love them because of there great build quality and there great price to performance this is where the MT03 fits and belongs.
    It does handle the heat well i kept the MT03 on turbo modes for a long time.

    Lowest mode 10 lumens
    Low mode 150 lumens
    Medium mode over exposed of course 1000 lumens
    High mode 2700 lumens
    Turbo mode 8760 lumens the tree at the end are 100 meters
    Day time i mean turbo!
    MT03 left and BLF A6 right
    MT03 left car headlight right on high beams.
    Thank you google maps i never knew the water was 100 meters away lol seriously doesn’t feel that far!

    I created a GIF wish us all luck using it!

    Thanks for reading

    Regards Chris

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    Default Re: Haikelite MT03 Devourer Review

    I love the looks of this light,and I will be purchasing this crazy torch. First time I have heard of these folks thanks for sharing.

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