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Thread: NEW OrcaTorch D620 review

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    Post NEW OrcaTorch D620 review

    Hi guys,

    I had the pleasure of testing the brand new OrcaTorch D620. Available soon!!

    This canister light uses 4* 18650 and the Xhp70 outputs 2700lumens, it has a head switch, which is lockable. (love this feature)
    The goodman handle is new for the D620, I like the feature of adjusting it without tools, as my first impression it is quite heavy but after diving it I was not too bothered about it. If you prefer, you can still use the old OrcaTorch goodman which is lighter and also compatible.

    As said it runs a cold-white Cree Xhp70, the reflector has a multi-mirror coating which prodides a great spot, and is well crafted, check the video to see underwater operation and beam

    The canister has a “soda-can” look, which I like because the size is reduced, and if you use 4 NCR18650B`s for example you have quite a long runtime, almost 3 hours! See my runtime test video for further details.
    It uses 3 O-rings and the batteries are placed in 2 up-side down and 2 up-right. Make sure to get the polarity correct. (springs are negative) I would recommend the use of protected cells!
    The canister has a big and wide slot for mounting, you can easilly fit a bolt snap or a 2” belt through it.
    The top part (cable side) rotates together with the batteries, therefore the 2 pins.

    The cable quality is really good! It has a matte finish and is very flexible, also the connectors seem to be quite robust, but still made out of plastic.

    Overall I love this torch, it is quite light (under 700g w/o bats), the head switch is great and convenient to operate, the lock is ideal to prevent accidental switching, and you can even choose in between orange and gray coloured bands on the head!
    The set includes a 4-slot charger and 4 protected 18650 batteries from OrcaTorch, as well as all accessories seen on the pic above, the user manual and a second silicon band for exchange (1 orange and 1 gray), the whole set comes packed in a custom fit transport case, for easy transport and storage.

    For more information, review, unboxing and diving footage of the light check my video!
    https://youtu.be/yfOXBBMQB00(link is external)
    And find the runtime-test video here!
    https://youtu.be/JDLEIOG-ON8(link is external)

    Thank you for reading this! Let me know your thoughts!
    Cheers and always be safe

    NOTE: this is neither an comercial nore an payed endorsement of the related company, You read my real personal opinion about the item in question.
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    Default Re: NEW OrcaTorch D620 review

    It looks they love Halycon handle .

    IMO :

    These beer can canisters looks so ridiculous and impractical ( under canister you route long hose - in that case .... I can't imagine ) . Plastic gland -for me NO- GO.

    Actual for 3h dive I can simply use 1 or 2 my backup lights without any restriction cable from my belt and same battery autonomy.

    in other words it looks like moped but promoted as some Harley Davidson motorcycle in real life it is not moped and for sure not HD.

    So I'm sure I would not spent money for something like that for let's say travel and dive ; I would buy better backup.

    It is not technical light (no big battery behind and used materials ).... neither recreational or rent light ( no need for cable ) .. so what it is ?


    just have to see video at home....

    When looking light head I think that is reflector too small diameter to efective use big XHP70 so beam is something mixed - nothing pronounced (allow myself to be surprised )
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