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Thread: NEW Archon S30 review (not released yet!)

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    Post NEW Archon S30 review (not released yet!)

    Hi Guys!

    Here is the complete review for the brand new Archon S30.

    This is a small-size but powerfull diving light, it uses a 26650 batteries and 3 Xm-l2 LED`s.
    The runtime although it dimms over time is quite long! I was able to get over 5 and a half hours of light out of the 4000mAh battery. See the Runtime test here!

    Another great feature of the light is that it has a built in over-discharge protection for the battery, which means that also unprotected cells can be used withouth worries.
    It is very similar to the S24V(previously reviewed) in therms of appearance and construction, the only big diference is that the head of the S24V has a larger diameter.
    The switch is the usual Archon magnetic Push switch, I find it very convenient to opperate as it switches quite easilly, but still hard enough to prevent accidental switching, as a canditate for back-up light this feature is convenient on the S30, especially if you like to carry the back-up in your BCD pocket.

    It runs 3 xm-l2`s with a cold-white tint, and it is sold as a 3000lumen max light.
    I had no way to test it, but during a dive I compared it to my OrcaTorch D620 (2700lumen) and I could not tell a real diference, although I think the D620 was appearing to be a bit brighter. (the S30 had run for about 15mins when I compared them)
    Take a look at the complete review to see underwater footage of the light!

    It has a 2 O-ring design, the O-rings are very thick and came well lubricated!
    The thread is short and clean cut.
    Both negative and positive contacts use a spring for ideal contact.
    This is exactlly the same to the new S24V

    The beam is a bit wider than the Archon V10S or others like the Brinyte Div11/12, but consiering it is a 3000lumen light is comes in handy, basically you have the same amount of light where you shine it to, but the lighten area is larger.

    The pack includes a 4000mAh 26650 protected battery from Archon, the charger has a 1A output and was a EU plug in my case.
    Included in the set is the light, battery, charger, a wrist strap, spare-O-rings and the english user-manual.

    See the review, unboxing and underwater video here:
    And see the Runtime test here:

    Thanks for reading this!
    Best regards

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    Default Re: NEW Archon S30 review (not released yet!)

    If you skip the fact of the total lack of ethics of his manufacturer, then could be a good light.

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