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Thread: Get your free Nextorch's Christmas gifts

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    Merry Christmas!!!


    Thanks for all of you to support NEXTORCH in 2016. From December 19 to 24, 2016 (UTC +8), NEXTORCH is going to send out the most popular flashlights (Saint 10, TA40, myStar, and UL360) in 2016 as Christmas gifts to all of you for FREE. Everyone is equally to get a chance to take them home as long as you meet our following rules:
    1. All Facebook users can take part in "LIKE up your Christmas".
    2. All participants need to LIKE "NEXTORCH Worldwide" Facebook page.
    3. Repost the event "LIKE up your Christmas" to your own Facebook, and then share it with as many people as possible to gain "LIKES". The more "LIKES", the better, but no less than 25 Likes. December 25 is Christmas day!!!
    4. Screenshot your Facebook posts on any of your devices, and then message it to NEXTORCH Worldwide to show us the amount of LIKES you get (including this event page) before the closing time.
    5. NEXTORCH will select the top 5 participants from all of you according to your amount of LIKES, and a lucky person to send our Christmas gifts. Saint 10 will be sent to the person who has the most amount of LIKES. TA40 and myStar will be sent to the second and the third, respectively. For the fourth and the fifth, we will sent out our exquisite UL 360. Additionally, we have another myStar headlamp for our super lucky person. Here is a link for you to view our products:
    6. NEXTORCH will announce the result within one week after finishing the event. The rules for "LIKE up your Christmas 2016" are binding. Once we announce the result, no correspondence about the event will be allowed, and NEXTORCH owns the ultimate rights.
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    Joined and Shared. Thank you nextorch!! I want the 3200 Saint Torch 10!!!!

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