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Thread: McGizmo LT Series

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    Default McGizmo LT Series

    Good day all,

    I recently scored 2 of my all time grail lights, McGizmo Ti Protos in the form of a 27LT & 27L-PD.
    The light that I will be talking about here is the LT. One thing of note with the Proto lights is that they differ from their production counterparts in that they do not have a bulkhead that the LED mounts to, rather a removable PCB, which makes modding easier.

    When I first learned about this light over 10 years ago now, I know that Don offered 2 LED/LE combos to the lucky few who scored one. Either a LUXIII U-bin or a LUXV X-bin, the one I scored is a LUXIII variant. One of the things that gave this light an extra "IT" factor was the X-bin option.
    Back in the day, the X-bins were the bee knees and rare as hens teeth!
    Now I have been sitting on a loose X-bin that has been waiting for the right mod and maybe I have waited too long since this LED is more nostalgic than anything but I still have a number of lights with a LUXV and I still have an appreciation for it. Sure, not quite efficient and all but still a nice beam and a good amount of light, taking that it is 10 year old tech! Or maybe, the X-bin I've been holding onto was waiting for this?

    Now, I am one that likes to keep things original (for the most part!) and the L-PD mentioned has a LUXIII that I will leave stock, and having an X-bin in the LT is historically correct so I may make it home to my loose X-bin that has been waiting patiently for work.
    I posted in this forum since the LUXV version of the production aluminum LT I believe was done by the SandwichShoppe.
    So, I know that I will need a Badboy NexgenX2 to drive the LUXV, a kilroy, a brass ring and a .025" shim to avoid the LUXV "donut".

    My main question is if the NBB converter offered in the Shoppe is of the 2-stage variety.
    My other question is if the kilroy, brass ring and shim are still available (could not find them on the site but that does not mean they are all gone).
    I could salvage the parts from the existing LE but I would like to keep them intact in case I would like to reverse the mod.
    If the NBB driver in the Shoppe is not a 2-stage, I would be open to suggestions to other .5" drivers that would work with this LED (Hive?) and avoid the Kilroy similar to the Aqua/Terra line, or other LEDs that work with the 27L reflector, maybe even a triple LED setup? Remember, 17mm cells only in this body.
    If I end up doing anything to this cherished light, it has got to be good and worthy.

    Thank you for any input!
    What are you people......on DOPE!?!

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    Default Re: McGizmo LT Series

    The current BB Nexgen drivers offered at the shoppe are the single stage BB Nexgen drivers not the 2-stage version.

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    Default Re: McGizmo LT Series

    I was not sure so thank you for the clarification.
    What are you people......on DOPE!?!

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