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    Can anyone tell me if the MSR Windburner will fit in a Maxpedition 10x4 bottle holder? Ive got a old jetboil PCS that ive been keeping in there for a while, and im looking to upgrade.


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    I have the Jetboil flash that I use for hunting and I looked long and hard at the Maxpedition 10X4 botttle holder for mine as well. In the end I ended up making a camouflage drawstring pouch for mine. It holds the stove, lighter, and hot drink fixings as a bonus it is lighter and cheaper than the Maxpedition bottle holder.


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    For my trips- which tend to be a week or less, and in areas reachable by car or boat- I like small butane cartridge stoves. Neat, no spills, instant ignition. I used to use a Bluet, and now use a little MSR. Of course if youre travelling in more remote areas, or somewhere you have to fly to and cant buy the cartridges locally, liquid fuel may be the only choice.My other favorite for warmer weather is the Trangia alcohol stove and cookit. Quiet, clean, no moving parts.

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