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    I am really curious as to why aspheric lenses can't be found for such a popular flashlight. I really like the look of that the aspheric lenses produce... clean, no spill, sharp edges. Why is the TIR considered so awesome and aspheric lenses can't be found - or can they and I'm looking in the wrong places???

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    Just one bump, then I guess I'll have to let it go!

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    I've found some in the past. Had one that fitted a Mini Maglite, which is similar size.

    That said, not sure how useful one would be. Aspheric lenses tend to be used for zooming lights, to allow flood to throw ability. On an S2 you'd have a fixed focus.

    Maybe a TIR optic would give what you want, these can offer different beam patterns depending on the type of lens used.
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    Optical parts suppliers (like Thorlabs and Edmunds) have a wide assortment of these lenses, but proper fitment may require a bit of work ....
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    Thanks for the info guys! I ordered the TIR 45mm and 60mm lenses to experiment with. I just like the sharp throw of the zoomies I guess.

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