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    We are now proudly selling Acebeam flashlights, and our first order contained some fantastic lights. Where else could we start except the the 16,500 lumen X45? The X45 is a monster. With four CREE XHP70 LEDs, it has a throw of 583 meters from the included high-drain IMR 18650 batteries. The X65 is no slouch either with 12,000 lumens and 1301 meters of throw. If you're looking for something a little smaller, the 1200 lumen EC35 would make a fantastic EDC or kit light, while the rechargeable EC60 provides a very respectable 2000 lumens with the convenience of USB recharging. We've been very impressed with the build quality of the entire Acebeam lineups, and we're looking forward to carrying more products in the future.


    Acebeam X45

    Acebeam X65

    Acebeam EC35

    Acebeam EC60

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    This is exciting news. Really. I am not just saying this. Congratulations to Going Gear for adding Acebeam to their lineup!

    I want to keep this post not too lengthy, so I am gong to focus on the X65: I was one of the first people in the USA to get one in his hands, and I was one of the first people to have two in his hands. (December 16, 2016 is when I got my first one, and early this year for the second one)

    Last night, on my six mile, dark, hilly walk, what did I have in each hand? An Acebeam X65.

    Two nights ago? Same thing. Three nights ago? Same thing. Four nights ago: An Acebeam X65 in one hand, and a dedicated thrower in the other hand. Five nights ago: An Acebeam X65 in one hand, and a dedicated flooder in the other hand. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat for an out of this LED world experience.

    This light throws where no power flooder has thrown before, and it powers where no thrower has ever powered. This light pushes the power out there. Far. Real far.

    Fire up one of these: You know that you are not in hand held LED Kansas anymore. Fire up one of these in one hand, and a dedicated flooder in the other hand: Same thing. LED Kansas is not where you are at. Fire up an Acebeam X65 in each hand: You are at the outer limits of the hand held LED universe, with the next human being very far away from you. Very very far away from you.

    Congrats again to Going Gear for this exciting announcement!

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    Exciting news! I want an Acebeam for my next light just can't decide between the X65 or X45
    TK75, SC600 MK III HI, X45, Catapult v6, R50VN, PD35, RC09, TN12, 2 Mini Mags, Coleman Lantern, 3D LED Mag, ML25, Solitaire, HID Spotlight and hopefully more to come!

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    I just got off the phone with a very nice person at GoingGear, and I told him that GGs' activity on this forum is sorely missed.

    I told him that in my humble opinion, GG should get back in the swing of things here.
    Imalent R90TS. Acebeam two X65Vn, K75, X45vn70.2. Eagtac MX25L4CvnT XP-L. Fx TK75vnQ70. Nc TM06Svn 4 x XHP50.2. Meteor M43vn XP-L dd. P60vn Quad XP-L HD 2 cell host Cryos Cu head. Tnt TN36UTvn, TN42vn.

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    Agreed. Who is in charge of Going Gear these days?
    Seems like a Surefire type of night..

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