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Thread: Switch and boot question

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    Default Switch and boot question

    Looking at a switch and boot for a dive light

    Switch is planning on being an OTTO T7 series

    The bulkhead it is going through is 5mm thick.
    Looking at using an APM HEXSEAL N1030 boot.

    The datasheet is a little ambiguous on the switch stem length to work with this boot. Does anyone know how long the switch stem can protrude above the bulkhead?

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    Default Re: Switch and boot question

    I have that switch @ boot in combination with 7mm thick delrin lid. T7 series have 0,47'' ( 11,9 mm ) long thread !

    Switch threads can be only 3,6 mm above lid ( 0,844''-0,66''-0,039 ''(rubber thickness) in other case you cut silicone rubber

    ''Full Toggle Boots with Secondary Inner Seal''

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    Default Re: Switch and boot question

    Thanks for that Lucca

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