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    Hi, I'm thinking of getting a cooper preon 1. Is there any way it could be set so it would only ever have a single level?

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    Yes, Config 1 is Single mode High.
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    Sorry I should have been more specific. Ideally what I'd like to do is either have it come on in medium, or just have medium as the only setting.

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    I don't think medium only is a possibility. Below are the different configurations.

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    From The FourSevens website.

    Preons are initially set to Configuration 2 with High and Low. They can be reconfigured as often as you'd like. Here are the possible configurations:

    • Config. 1: High
    • Config. 2: High - Low
    • Config. 3: High - Strobe
    • Config. 4: Low - Med - High - Strobe
    • Config. 5: Low - Med - High - Strobe - SOS - Beacon (hi) - Beacon (lo)
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